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List of Software and Hardware features…

  • Built in Firewall , Router

  • Stateful packet filter

  • Multiport Switch (With a an optional network card)

  • Expandable Network Access Storage unit with TrueNas®,  up to 200 + TB

  • Local backup device / Offistite

  • Virtualization machine

  • Server in Virtualization

  • Stand-alone Computer up to 128 gigs of ram

  • Stand-alone Server for Linux or MS Windows

  • It is completely customizable to meet or exceed the Small to Medium Business  marketplace requirements 

  • DNS server

  • DHCP server

  • DMZ for hosting web servers

BCS-4000 Delivers advanced firewall, VPN, and routing functionality

With PFSense software the BCS-4000 delivers advanced, VPN, and routing functionality in your cloud-based infrastructure with features including intrusion detection and prevention, load balancing, traffic shaping, GeoIP blocking, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support, Domain Name blacklisting, multiple VPN tunnels using IPsec and OpenVPN, web content filtering, and more.


The BCS - 4000 can configured for Windows OS, Windows Server, Linux.


Local Backup, Standby Server, NAS, Virtualization, Video Storage for Security Cameras, and a Media Storage Server. 

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