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Our Story

The company was founded by Keith Green and Andy David. Keith’s tech inspired idea came to him as a result of him watching small to medium sized businesses becoming susceptible to a digital “wild west” approach to data security. After the two met at a local Chamber years earlier Keith and Andy became friends and one day while talking on the phone, Keith floated the idea of an affordable local data recovery device and Andy was all in. This was the genesis of the Unique Black Box (UBB).

Our Product

Our first attempts were to use off-the-shelf units however, the processes were extremely complicated and could not do what we really wanted them to do which was to spin up and get the business running in the event of an IT disaster. During the COVID lockdown we had the time to develop a unit that would do just that. Surprisingly we found that it had even more capabilities than we expected and we have created kind of a “Swiss Army Knife” of IT disaster recovery / business continuity device. It will work with various operating systems, one at a time or a couple at a time if the client wants. It has incredible high storage capacity and works as an onsite storage unit. This is what Keith dreamed of and more.


In June 2020 our project began with hundreds of hours in research, trial and error as well as perfecting our build methods. Our product was conceptually complete in Sept. 2022 as a completed bench tested unit using as much open source technology as possible so that we could focus on high-end components in the UBB creating a financial balance that reduces the cost of the unit to our customers.  In 2022 Keith found a Unique computer case for the product, it’s literally a box and now we have our Unique Black Box. We added a firewall and a built in Network Access Storage (NAS) unit and now we were ready to go to market. As a side note in conversation with our lawyer he suggested we get it patented, and now it is patent pending in Canada and the US. 2023 we started an aggressive learning curve in selling and marketing and have been to many tech events including PDAC (the mining convention held annually in TO) as well as iTech and most recently Collision 2023 in T.O. to name a few.

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