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BCS - 4000 "Pat.Pending" US.CND Specifications

CPU is Intel Core i7 or i9 depending on the application 

16 gig RAM DDR 4 – 64 gig and up to 128 gigs of RAM

2 NVME M.2 slots

2 PCIe x 2

2 PCIe x 16 

10 fan spaces with Water cooling capabilities and Base air filters

USB 2 and USB 3 onboard

6 SATA ports

1 - 500 gig NVME m.2 drive 

1 - 4 TB Iron wolf Seagate drive for backup and/or NAS use, expandable to over 200TB.

Up to 8 - 3.5” hard drive spaces and additional positions for 2- 2.5” drives and 2 NVMe M.2 drives. 

1 Realtek onboard 1 gig NIC – More can be added if virtualization is going to be used if required.

1 - 850W 80 PLUS Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

Option - Built in WiFi and PCIE card for cellular internet access


We can configure the unit for most applications. 

Windows OS, Windows Server, Linux, and Apple.

Local Backup, Standby Server, NAS, Virtualization, Video Storage for Security Cameras, and Media Server. 


BCS-4000 Delivers advanced firewall, VPN, and routing functionality

With pfSense software, the BCS-4000 delivers advanced firewall, VPN, and routing functionality in your cloud-based infrastructure with features, including intrusion detection and prevention, load balancing, traffic shaping, GeoIP blocking, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support, DHCP and DNS server, Domain Name blacklisting, multiple VPN tunnels using IPsec and OpenVPN, web content filtering, and more.

Scenario 1

This scenario does not require any intervention in case the server  fails. The BCS 4000 is a part of the network with a matching copy of server as what is installed on Server. Clients access files through permissions set by the server that reside on the NAS or SAN


This would be built out in essence like a backup unit but being updated through replication, have DHCP and DNS as well. Essentially a mirrored box.


This scenario would also allow the BCS4000 to have a storage partition configured for local backup and should be plugged into a separate building.

Scenario 2

In this scenario the BSC 4000 is acting as a mirrored server on the network as well as NAS that the clients will use. No client working files will reside on the main server.


The BCS 4000 will also have a partition in it that will contain the local backup files. Acronis is still recommended for the offsite. This scenario also does not require any down time as the server will have DHCP and DNS.

BCS 4000 sceniro 1.jpg

Scenario 3

In this scenario the main server is running a copy of server 2019+ and a VM with server on it. The VM is the main server used by the company. Everything is on this server, files, active directory, etc.


When backed up locally, the VM image will be backed up to the BCS 4000 on the backup partition. When the main server fails, the BSC 4000 will spin up the latest virtual image and business will continue.


This takes more time than the previous two scenarios and may require playing around with the image to get it spin up. The Networking will also have to be configured on the virtual switch on the BSC 4000 but that can be done in advance cutting down on spin up time.

Scenario 4

This scenario is designed for a small company with no server but requires the same reliability of what the big companies have. This setup will not give you really fast up time but will make sure all your data is in tact.


This setup will be backed up with Acronis to the cloud and a local backup program to the BCS 4000 internal hard drives.


The Network Access Storage can be a shared space for employee files and records.


This scenario could also house a virtual server, use the NAS for the onsite data, and the backup drives for the onsite backup

Scenario 5

This scenario includes a PFSense firewall incorporated into the Virtual box component on the operating system allowing you to have an all in one Swiss Army knife, small to medium sized business complete network solution.

This gives you a top shelf firewall with segregation of VLAN capabilities as well as NAS and VM options for daily operations and disaster recovery all in one solution.

BCS 4000 sernio 5.jpg
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