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Our Mission is to relieve your anxiety about losing your critical information and gain your Confidence and

Trust that your data will be there when you need it. 


• Protection against Viruses and Ransomware

• Daily Automatic Software Updates 

• Daily local and offsite backups 

• In the event of a disaster, the BCS - 4000 takes over in minutes, avoiding costly


• Supports all of your Data - NAS, Server, PC/Mac, Cloud, VMware® / Hyper-V and

   Google Workspace / MS 365®​ UBB Unique Black Boxes - Value Proposition


How do I protect my company, and my company’s data, against cybercrime, ransomware and data theft?


Unique Black Boxes has developed an effective and affordable solution for small and medium sized businesses. Critical data is safer when kept backed up in a secure on-site environment. Data kept online and “in the cloud” is great. Until it isn’t. Hackers can access your online data through websites, servers, or cloud backup solutions. Anything that’s connected to the internet. Unique Black Boxes can provide a protected computer environment that lives in your office or an off-site location. Depending on how the customer wants it configured, it can act as a server, firewall, NAS unit, or a combination of these. It can also operate in a Linux or Microsoft environment.


A ‘safety deposit box’ for your data.


If cybercriminals access your data and attempt to hold it for ransom, UBB owners have peace of mind knowing that they won’t need to negotiate. UBB ensures that everything is backed up and protected.


(Depending on the application and configuration requested by the client. A NAS won’t protect, it will just have a clean copy. The firewall could protect but if a server application with correct permissions is configured, that is the best defense along with Acronis AV option.)


One Solution. Multiple Benefits.


File Recovery

The surest way to survive a ransomware attack is to maintain a secure and up-to-date backup of all your essential files. Beyond just backing up your files, incorporating dedicated software on the UBB can actively work to detect and help prevent ransomware attacks.



What Is Ransomware, and How Do You Get It?

The idea behind ransomware is simple. The attacker finds a way to take something of yours and demands payment for its return. Encrypting ransomware, the most common type, takes away access to your important documents by replacing them with encrypted copies (gobbledygook). Pay the ransom and you get the key to decrypt those documents (you hope). There is another type of ransomware that denies all use of your computer or mobile device. The most harmful and sneaky example is malware that encrypts your entire hard drive, rendering the computer unusable. Fortunately, this last type is uncommon.


There is a new ransomware attack out now called wipeware. If you don’t pay, it wipes your drives and overheats your electronics, effectively destroying it.


Several years ago, you could choose from a dozen or so standalone ransomware protection tools from consumer security companies, and many of those tools were free. Most of those have since vanished, for one reason or another.


What have I got to lose?

Cybercrime costs include damage and destruction of data, stolen money, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, embezzlement, fraud, post-attack disruption to the normal course of business, forensic investigation, restoration and deletion of hacked data and systems, and reputational harm. Any one of these occurrences can cause losses in the thousands.


How does the Unique Black Boxes Solution Work?

The BCS - 4000 is a versatile solution, and depends on the application it was purchased for and functionality requested by the client. In the event of a system or hardware failure, the BCS - 4000 starts up and runs in a virtual environment, saving you thousands in downtime.


About the BCS - 4000


  • Designed and built in Canada

  • Patent Pending

  • Provides real-time data protection and a backup of your entire system



An Invitation For IT professionals

The BCS - 4000 can better protect your customers and adds tremendous value to your service. Contact UBB for a complimentary demo. Become a UBB Certified Reseller.

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